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Mario and Linda wed on April 25, 1981. They have two boys,
Mathew and Marco, and Mikko the cat. On their 25th wedding anniversary,
Mario presented Linda with his first manuscript, Snap.
Linda had no idea that Mario had been a closet writer for several years.

Dedicating his life to raising his family and providing a solid foundation,
the "almost empty nest" is now allowing him more time to pursue his passion for writing.
Writing in his spare time at airports, hotels, weekends and late nights is what it
is taking to realize his dream of being a writer.
Maintaining a good sense of humour, and a bottle of rum, also helps.

Mario has a diverse background. From real-estate agent, to Restaurateur,
and to Director of Sales with two global corporations, his creativity
and energy have always driven his success.
That same energy and creativity also drive his story telling.
"The harder you work, the luckier you get."
Nothing could be truer for Mario.

Coming in January/March 2015

The First Tenet // The Final Tenet

The idea for The First Tenet and The Final Tenet came to me in a lucid dream.
In the dream the miracles took place in a church,
I decided to stage them in a bar; I can relate to that.

In the dream, the man that did the miracles, was really a messenger from God.
But who would believe that today? Hence my spin on the story.

In the end, I hope readers will be entertained. I also truly wish
for global change like most people, ironically we’re the ones that messed it up.
From what I have seen with the young people today, there is hope. An awakening and possibly
a movement towards saving what we have can start with just one thirteen year-old child.
Imagine if everyone started, at the same time, in the same direction and never quit.
Starting is always the hardest part. The diet, exercise, saving for retirement,
taking out the garbage, telling the truth…
If we can learn to start, we’ll make it.
Can I get an Amen?

* * *


Hiding in the Canadian Rockies,
a brilliant yet selfish physicist Warren Hardy, rescues the famous actress Sara King,
from an avalanche. Although he is engaged and she is married they connect
as soul mates. Warren is then quickly dragged back into the
chaotic world from which he has hidden from for three years;
a world where he is hunted by the CIA for time travel theorem.

With morality dogging him, CIA hunting him
and the responsibility for mankind stressing him,
Warren evolves to the realization that
the solution is self-sacrifice.

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Books signing events and more...

THE FIRST Tenet Release and Book Signing Event
Thursday January 8th, 2015 // 7:30PM

Chapters Book Store, Shawnessy
16061 'Macleod Trail SE
Calgary Alberta

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12 March 2015

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March 2015

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